Welcome to Fun Flexible Fitness!

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My services include:

  • Personal Training

Training that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

  • Fitness Assessments and Tracking

Tools and information that customize your fitness journey and allow you to track results.

  • Event Training Programs

Programs to help you train for that 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, triathlon or any personal fitness goals you have.

  • Life Event Weight Loss and Fitness Programs

Weight loss and fitness training to get you in shape before that big life event be it a wedding, reunion, or vacation. My goal is to ensure that you have fun while getting ready to have fun!

  • Fitness Camps

Fun and challenging fitness camps that will get you strong and keep you motivated.

  • Yoga Classes

Challenging yoga classes for atheletes and fun yoga classes for parents and kids.

Call or email: 720-205-1418 or [email protected]