About Fun Flexible Fitness 

Fun Flexible Fitness is owned and operated by me - Kate Cooke. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I have a lifetime of fitness and health experience beginning with sports in high school and continuing with teaching swimming, adaptive aquatics and skiing in college. After finishing graduate school and moving to Colorado, I volunteered as a ski instructor with the National Sports Center for the Disabled. I have completed over 100 1/2 marathons, 10ks, long distance trail runs and several adventure races. I am an an avid skier, runner, hiker and mountain biker. In addition to getting outdoors, I am also a mom, wife and dog agility competitor. I know how challenging it is to incorporate fitness into a busy life. But you can do it! And, I can help you!

As your coach and trainer, I will work with you to develop a fitness and health program that ensures that you gain strength, confidence and fitness. Additionally, I will work closely with your doctor or physical therapist, as needed, in developing a safe and effective fitness program.

I have the following certifications:

Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified Health Coach - ACE

Certified Behavior Change Coach - ACE

Registered Yoga Teacher - 300 Hours - Yoga Alliance

ACE - Balance Training

ACE - Senior Weight Training

ACE - Strength Training for Seniors

ACE - Weight Training for Women

AFAA - Obesity and Overweight Coaching

CPR/AED - American Red Cross

Call or email today: 720-205-1418 or [email protected]